Thursday, October 28, 2010

Little Tweaks

So, these 2 refashions aren't really anything mind-blowing. But I wanted to post them to illustrate that sometimes you just need to tweak things a little in order to go from "unwearable" to "wearable". I rarely find clothing items that work on me completely as-is (especially since most of my clothes are thrift store purchases - it's not like you can say "I like this top but do you have it in 1 size smaller?"). Usually I have to at least hem or take in. But I kind of like this. It makes my clothes all my own.


This dress was $1 at the thrift store. It's probably 70's - early 80's "vintage". I bought it because I liked the asymmetrical-ish-ness of it. I really liked that one sleeve was black and one sleeve was white. But when I put it on, I realized that the sleeves were super poofy. So, unfortunately I had to chop them off. I folded over the fabric and sewed. Then I took the hem up to above my knees. Added a red belt and I was done.


Now dress #2, really just needed to be hemmed.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but this dress was just too long on me - hitting below my knees. Since I needed to take the hem up anyway, I cut off a few extra inches, then added some length back on in a contrasting fabric. The contrasting fabric is actually a jersey sheet that I had laying around (I think I bought it to make a rag rug). I was able to use the existing seam on the sheet as my new hem so this was super easy.

gotta love dresses with pockets!!

This dress was also supposed to tie in the back but I just don't like that look on me - reminds me of my maternity clothes and that's just not somewhere I care to go again. Luckily these ties were long enough to wrap around and tie in the front, otherwise, I probably would have reworked them.

So, hope this gives you all a few ideas next time you're shopping. It took me a long time to realize that clothes don't have to be worn exactly as they are on the rack.


  1. What a great couple of refashions. I feel the same way about charity shop buys - it's nice to make it your own.

  2. The black and white dress is super hot.

  3. I love the black & white one as well. Very cool!

  4. Seriously - you amaze me. Easy smeezy - not for me!

  5. Wow! I really love the first one :)

  6. I came over here from WR. I think both of these are amazing. Small tweaks but really lovely results!

  7. Hi! Sometimes it's just what it takes, little tweaks here and there :)

  8. Gorgeous blue dress! I like the two tone idea. Great job.

  9. love the black and white number. great work!
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