Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Reinvention Skirt

Based on The Reinvention Skirt by Maya Made - you can purchase a pattern for making this skirt from scratch in her Etsy store. I actually cheated a little and used a thrift store skirt that was too big. I took in the side seam and added the embellishments - hand stitched on a tea stained doily and made the bottom ruffle from a thrift store t-shirt. There's a good tutorial on making ruffles here.

My little friend Cousteau wanted to be in the photo - look how nicely he's posing!!

Close-up of the details.


  1. Looks wonderful... especially with your boots! Cousteau seems to approve, as well!

  2. fantastic job!! great colours too....perfect for Fall. lovely ;-)

  3. I really like that skirt, but I'm not sure it's my style.

  4. It looks terrific! The doily is really striking -- looks like a very sophisticated spiderweb!! Great job. Ever try using papery onion skins for a fabric dye? I recently tried that and now I'm obsessed!

  5. I love the doily you have stitched on. Looks really cute and such a good idea.
    Goes well with Cousteau!


  6. great pic mom! I love that Cousteau is in it.

  7. Why did you choose to hand-stich? Would it be very difficult to sew the doily (I love that word!) on by machine?

  8. I chose to hand stitch because I was afraid machine stitching would pull the doily out of shape. I also didn't want the stitching to show so by hand-stitching I could be very precise about where I placed my stitches - making sure they were in denser parts of the doily where they wouldn't show as much. Of course, machine stitching may work as well. Let me know if you try it out.

  9. I did actually, and with a little trial and error I found a way to machine stitch without the stiches showing.
    You can take a look at the results on my blog (shamless advertising here, sorry)

    Here is what I did: I loosened the pressure of the foot on my machine and drop the part underneath the fabric that pulls it through (I don't know what it is called). I also loosened the top thread so that it wouldn't pull the doily really tight to the fabric, but keep it sort of floating on top. Used long stiches (3mm).

    I fastened the doily with pins and then basted it on. With my machine set this way I could guide the fabric and doily where I wanted and make sure the stitches ended up where they should. I used a longer needle to adjust the doily when needed.
    Very quick and easy!