Wednesday, November 10, 2010

(Another) Anthropologie Inspired Cardigan

I ♥ Anthropologie. I could drop some serious cash in that store (in all reality though that would never happen since I'm too frugal/thrifty/cheap to spend that much money on something I think I could make myself). But I do love their style. I saw this sweater on their website the other day:

Anthropologie Au Fait Sweater

So cute, and as with many of their items, I thought, "I could do that", or at least a version of that. Oftentimes my refashions don't turn out quite as I planned and that goes for this sweater as well. I started out with this thrift store plain white sweater ($3):

And here's the finished result:

This refashion was really just about adding the details - a pleated collar, pockets, ruffle at the bottom, and little ruffles on the sleeves. The nice thing about it, was that I left all of the edges of the polka dot fabric unfinished - left to fray. And we're just going to pretend that the off-setting of the zipper was intentional (it wasn't). When I added the collar on, it pulled the zipper off to the side. But I decided that I actually kind of liked it that way. Like I said, my projects just don't always go as planned!


  1. Love this sweater! The zipper looks great off to the side.

    Jenn, I can really see a book by you in the future. People will love your before and after photos... soooooo inspiring!! You're amazing!!

    I think I'll post about your blog to help your followers grow. Check my blog later today.
    Hugs, Joni

  2. Check my blog... the post is up about you and your blog.

  3. some of my favourite creations have been accidents....lovely job Jenn!

  4. I love your refashion! Good Job!