Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jewelry Making

It has been a jewelry making frenzy around here. I've been invited to my first jewelry open house - to sell my wares - in December. It's a wonderful opportunity but in order for this to happen, I actually have to have some wares to sell. So I've been a busy little bee the last few days - turning my kitchen table into my little jewelry "factory".

Now I do have to admit, that I am absolutely Terrified (yes, with a capital T) of this whole deal. The opportunity for complete and utter failure is definitely on my mind. Selling things via the web is one thing, selling them face-to-face, is a whole other ball game. And I am not one of those natural born sales people, not one of those people who could "sell ice to an Eskimo". I probably could not sell a nice wood-burning, igloo-safe fireplace to an Eskimo. On top of that, I am a people-pleaser who hates rejection. There you have it - all of the ingredients for a perfect storm - at least they will be serving wine!!

supplies galore (and of course, the ever-present cup of coffee)

and a few of my favorites, all made from recycled and reworked vintage pieces:

here's hoping they find good homes!

and while I was at it, I couldn't help but make a couple of things for myself as well:

new necklace

bracelet made from broken watches and velvet ribbon
based on this tutorial here


  1. Jenn... I missed your comment. Just saw it this morning. Love, love, love your blog!!! I put you on my 'favorites list'. I love your jewelry!! So many pieces look like Kristin. Crazy about what you've done with the dresses, etc. and all of your photos are GREAT!! We have a lot in common... I even own the yellow sheets with white polka dots. Did Kristin tell you that I used to make jewelry and sell it? Did that before I went back to get my Masters and then my time was zapped away.

    Maybe I'll have a chance to meet you when I'm at Kristin's on the 22nd. If not... then another visit!

    Happy November!

  2. Jennifer, your jewelry is gorgeous! I'm sure your first open house will be a huge success! Thanks for posting a link to my velvet jewelry tutorial. The bracelet you made with broken watch faces looks awesome! Best wishes!

  3. Oh, these pieces are really lovely!

  4. You will do great!!! So glad you decided to do it!!

  5. Wow what a great opportunity! and if these pieces are anything to go by...you have NOTHING to worry about....they will sell themselves. Look forward to hearing how it all goes for you.

  6. Oh my goodness ...you sound just like me! I'm a little mouse at times and will be going to my first show in October. I will be going with a friend that sells purses and we're going together. She's mouthy and I'm quiet so maybe we'll have a good combination! LOL.