Monday, November 8, 2010

Making Me Happy Monday - Encouragement in it's Many Forms

#1 - from my daughter

The other day my 10 year old daughter wanted to take a look at my blog. So we cuddled up on the couch with my laptop and scrolled through. Of course her favorite posts were those that mentioned her, followed closely by those featuring pictures of our dogs. Now my daughter is pretty convinced that when it comes to anything computer-related, I am completely incompetent (and she's not all that far off). But after looking through my blog, becoming a subscriber, and writing a comment on a post, she turned to me and said, "I'm so proud of you, mom". Could I ever ask for any better words of encouragement?

#2 - from bloggy friends

Meet Claudia of Crafty Claudes Blog. She lives in Australia. I live in Colorado. Yet, through the amazing world of the internet and blogging, we managed to find each other's blogs - which we both started on the exact same day!!! Her blog is full of great inspiration (she manages to find the coolest things!!) and I love checking each day to see what she's talking about. Thanks Claudia for being my first bloggy friend.

her little handmade softies -
she's working on opening her etsy shop

This beautiful display is what first drew me to her blog. She used thrifted and found frames that she repaired and painted - looks amazing!

#3 - from my sister-in-law

While all of my family has been supportive in this new crafting/blogging adventure that I'm on, my sister-in-law has to have been my biggest cheerleader. She reads my blog, comments on my blog, was my first paying etsy customer, and has encouraged me in this venture. Thank you Jenn (yes, we are both named Jenn). And thank you Mark for having the good sense to marry her.


  1. Oh - that made me teary - I know you are surprised! I am a super fan - keep up all your hard work!

  2. Oh Jenn....what beautiful words. I am touched by your generosity. I am certain that your fan base will continue to grow as you are very talented and have great ideas to share. I am so happy to have found your blog. It is very inspiring.....