Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Origin of a Name

I don't have any crafty projects to post today - a result of having been gone for 5 days and then spending all day yesterday trying to get the house/laundry/etc. sorted out. So I thought I would share with you all the story behind the name twobutterflies.

The basic premise is I have 2 children and they love butterflies, hence my two butterflies, but there's a little more to the story than that. Every year, for the past several years, we've raised monarch caterpillars into butterflies. My husband finds them, usually on golf courses, brings them home and we raise them from caterpillars to chrysalis to butterfly. The whole transformation is amazing and the kids love it. They're pretty easy to raise - they eat milkweed which grows like the weed that it is here in Colorado. After they "hatch" out of their chrysalis, we release them back to the wild.

they're truly beautiful caterpillars - those stripes!!

in their habitats

just hatched

ready for release

Recognize this picture? It's the one I use for my blog header and that's my daughter holding the butterfly.

Then about a year ago I became obsessed with the idea of getting a tattoo. I had always been determined that I wouldn't get one until I had something truly meaningful that I wanted to tattoo onto my body - something that I would really want for the rest of my life. But I really wanted a tattoo that would represent my 2 children. Butterflies seemed like the obvious choice. I even let each kid pick which type of butterfly they would like to represent themselves. My daughter choose a tiger swallowtail and my son chose a blue morpho. And on a girls trip to Chicago I got my first tattoo, at age 34. I know they're not for everyone but I do really love mine and it is something I will be proud to have for the rest of my life.

centered in the middle of my upper back and I love it - the artist did an amazing job!!


  1. This is really beautiful and classy. What a lovely story!

  2. I remember that time! I wonder why we didn't get any this year?

  3. What a great story! Thanks for sharing and for sharing the great pictures!

  4. What a beautiful way to teach kids to respect nature. I love butterflies. I am working hard to grow flowers in my balcony garden for next spring so that they hopefully stop by and visit. Your tats are gorgeous - love the colours!