Friday, November 26, 2010

Super Easy Knit Fingerless Gloves

I've been wanting a pair of fingerless gloves for a while now but hadn't found a pattern that I thought I could manage. I actually tried a few patterns but ended up getting confused and ripping them out. So finally I just made up my own. If you can knit at all you can make these. There's no increasing, no decreasing, nothing complicated. Here's the pattern if you want to try. By the way, I am by no means a pattern writer, so please send me a message if this doesn't make sense.


size 6 knitting needles
worsted weight yarn - 1 skein
tapestry needle
buttons - optional

Cast on 44 stitches
Knit 2, purl 2 for 1 inch
*next row k2, p1
next row p2, k1* repeat between the stars until piece measures 8 inches
Knit 2, purl 2 for 1 inch
Bind off, leaving a long tail to sew the side seam

You should now have a big rectangle with a ribbed portion at the top and at the bottom like this:

Measure 2 1/2 inches down from the top and place a safety pin, measure 6 inches up from the bottom and place a safety pin.

Fold your rectangle in half lengthwise and using your long tail and a tapestry needle, sew your side seam together, leaving an opening between the two safety pins (this will be your thumb hole). Tie off and weave in your ends. If you'd like, you can sew buttons along one side for decoration.

snuggly, warm


  1. Thanks so much for this! I'm such a novice but really wanted to make some of these and THIS is a pattern I can actually follow and get great results with! :)

  2. I am always knitting. And I just found a pattern just like these ones. I think I will have to try these ones out too. They look so easy. And I love easy patterns. =D

  3. easy and straight forward!! nice work!!

  4. I'm a new knitter and was looking for a project other than scarves! I just finished an infinity scarf for my daughter when she told me she would love to have a pair of handwarmers. Since I've never made a gusset for a thumb, I wanted to start with something a bit easier. Thanks so much for the pattern and your work is beautiful!

  5. Hi, I love these fingerless gloves. Can you tell me how wide these knit up to, as I have hands that are 8in wide. If they won't stretch that wide should I use bigger needles or add stitches or both?
    Any advice would be gladly received.
    Kind regards