Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cool Things Our New Camera Can Do

The only one of these that I used any photo editing on was the first pic of the apple. (Most of these photos courtesy of my husband - I'm still learning to work the new camera.)


  1. Lucky! What kind of camera is it? I just posted some links for taking better blog photos if you want to check them out? What kind of camera were you using before because I thought you were pictures were already good. :)
    Here's the link to that info

  2. Joanie - my old camera was a Sony Cybershot point and shoot. It did take really good pictures for a point and shoot. But when the cheap digital cameras we were buying for our kids were better than mine, I decided I needed to upgrade! The new camera is a Canon PowerShot SX30 IS (I don't know what any of that means - my husband is the technology guy and he picked it out). So far it's taking really good pictures if you know how to use all of the settings.