Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crazy Square Baby Quilt

Made as a baby gift for a friend.


  1. White squares with random size triangles sewn on in 2 of the corners - kitty corner to each other.. did you do it random or did you follow some sort of pattern?

    I really like how it turned out and could see myself making something similar.

    Gorgeous work!

  2. Yvonne - yep, that's basically it. I actually didn't even cut the scraps of fabric into triangles. I just sewed them on and then trimmed the excess off, using the white square as a guide - that sounds kind of confusing but it's really easy. I'm considering doing a little tutorial on this technique and I'll post pictures. And, no I didn't follow a pattern - totally random.

  3. This looks so fun and effective! Love it.