Friday, December 10, 2010

The Holiday Sweater

I was browsing around my favorite thrift store the other day when I spotted this sign:

A quick look through the rack revealed these beauties (luckily I had my camera with me so you can all enjoy their awesomeness):

Really?? $10.00?? I personally would think they would be lucky to give these sweaters away. At first, I actually thought I had read the sign wrong. Was it supposed to say 10 cents?? No, it wasn't. But it got me thinking about holiday sweaters and inspired me to try to create a non-ugly holiday sweater, maybe even something I could wear for the holidays as well as at other times throughout the year.

I headed over to the non-holiday, less-ugly sweater section (which were only $2 by the way) and found this sweater:

too bad it's not Halloween - this would make a perfect Where's Waldo costume!

First, I turned it into a cardigan using this method

Then, I cut flowers from these 2 fabrics:

I placed the flower cut-outs where I wanted them, pinned in place, and sewed them down with a free-motion quilting foot. This was actually easier said than done but it did work out in the end, and the good news is that I did definitely get better at maneuvering the fabric as I went along. So if you're good with a free-motion foot, this would be a breeze.

not a Santa or a snowman in sight

Kind of a holiday version of this sweater, from Anthropologie, of course (but no longer available):


  1. Wow, yeah - it amazes me sometimes that someone sees holiday sweaters like those and thinks "I want to wear that!"

    Your version is much nicer in my opinion. Less in-your-face holiday-ness.

  2. What a difference! Love what you did!

    And $10? a thrift store, that's ridiculous!

  3. I love these. Great idea. Last year we had a Holiday Ugly Sweater day at work. A few ladies where insulted because I guess they may have some of these sweaters. Got to love the Pennsylvania Dutch Women. I don't quite get it??? But whatever makes you happy. Right.

  4. that looks that great, well done