Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Ooh-La Lace Cardigan

My inspiration for today:

The Ooh-La Lace Cardigan from Sundance

I had completely forgotten about this store until a friend mentioned it the other day (thanks Joni). It's a great source of inspiration - lots of cute things!

I LOVE this dress (and it's called the Fairytale Dress!), but, alas, it's $228 - don't see this in my future anytime soon

The lace cardigan looked like something I could re-create though, so a quick trip to the thrift store yielded a beige sweater (actually it has a goldish hue which I didn't realize until I got home).

I used my new favorite method to turn it into a cardigan.

pink hem tape this time

I picked up the black lace at the craft store - it was $1.50 for a huge roll - it will last me a while. I pinned the lace in place and machine stitched it on - my lace was wide so I only did one row, unlike the inspiration piece which had 2. I also added mismatched black buttons down the front for a little added quirkiness.

I used a safety pin on the back side of one of the buttons to hold it closed. I could have done a hook and eye but was feeling lazy and you don't see it anyway.


  1. That is so awesome. You did a great job.

  2. WOW! Great job! I should cut up an old sweater too :)

    Btw, I found you on WR.

    Just Better Together

  3. I like yours better than theirs. Lovely.

  4. I love the mix of gold/black - makes it look very classy and great to wear over a pretty dress! lovely job once again

  5. I love this cardi! One of your best yet. LW

  6. It looks really festive! Great job - I might have to steal your idea sometime if I come across some nice lace... :)


  7. This looks great. I have a question though... Did you add darts to the side or back? The original sweater looks so boxy and the cardigan actually looks like it's more 'fitted'. I'm curious.


  8. Candi - nope, no darts. When you make the alterations to go from sweater to cardigan you lose some width for seam allowance (the part you fold over and cover with hem tape). On my sweater, this was enough to achieve a more fitted look.

  9. Hmmm, do you ever have an issue with the back being bigger than the front after making it into a cardigan?

    This is really really lovely. I have really enjoyed your sweater refashions... I might have to copy some ideas too.

  10. Caroline - I haven't run into this problem yet. If you did, you would probably need to take in your side seams.

  11. Love it! Like yours much better than theirs. Thanks for sharing.

  12. awesome! love your blog (:

    xx Anna

  13. Super cute. Can't wait to try to make it.