Monday, January 31, 2011

Making Me Happy Monday

Thrift Store Finds

Thrift store finds always make me happy so here are a few recent ones:

For my kitchen:

vintage turquoise canister ($2)

red enamel cherry colander ($3)

For my living room:

needlepoint throw pillow (.50)

For my closet/jewelry collection:

I found this vintage necklace for $2 . . .

. . . then later in the week at a totally different thrift store, I found the matching brooch!


  1. Be still my heart! That colander is lovely!!! :)

  2. Yes, I'm jealous...that red, cherry colander. Congrats on some great finds!

  3. Wow, what are the odds of finding those two matching pieces in separate places. With that kind of luck you should play the lottery, lol. I love treasure hunting, you never know what you'll discover.