Thursday, January 20, 2011

Scrappy Twinkle Star Quilt Tutorial

As promised, here's the tutorial for making a scrappy twinkle star quilt block, as I used in this quilt:

This process is very similar to the one used for the Crazy Square Quilt Blocks. Again, minimal measuring and precision - my kind of quilting! For each star, you will need:

(8) 4 inch background squares (mine are white)
(1) 4 inch center square
scraps of fabric, somewhat rectangular in shape, one straight long edge

You will sew your scraps on 4 of your background squares, the other 4 will remain white. Lay a scrap across your background square, right sides together, angled like so:

Sew a 1/4 inch seam allowance:

Iron your scrap fabric back along the seam. Your piece will now look like this:

Repeat this process so you have a total of 4 background squares sewn in this manner. Now you will sew your second scrap piece on. Lay your scrap piece angled across, right sides together:

Sew a 1/4 inch seam and iron back as you did with the first side. Your piece will now look like this:

Flip your piece over to the back side and using your background square as a guide, trim all excess over-hanging fabric off, along all sides.

Repeat with all 4 background squares. You should have 4 squares that look something like this:

Lay out your 4 plain background squares, your 4 sewn background squares, and your 1 center square to create a star.

Sew your squares into rows, then your rows together, pressing all seams. And you should now have a finished star block.

For the baby quilt, I made 20 of these. If you use the chain sewing method that I talked about in the Crazy Square Quilt Block tutorial it will go much faster.


  1. I love it! Very little measuring, so right up my alley! I think I've told you before, but for Christmas my mom gave me some of my own tools so I can start quilting with her. I told her about your other quilt tutorial (and will tell her about this one) and she wants us to make one!

  2. That is FABULOUS! I love how easy it is.

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I really need to make two quilts; one for each kid. I'm dreading jumping's been so long since I've quilted, but I think I could jump on this one.

  4. I love that its not all perfect!! So AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  5. So easy! A great way to use scraps. Maybe this will be my next quilt, when my fever is gone and I'm on my feet again.