Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Touch of Romance Valentine's Table Runner Tutorial

A little Valentine's decor for my kitchen table - I was going for something a little romantic, a little antique-y, kind of old school Valentine's Day.

This is a really easy project - very basic quilting skills are all that's required - it would even be great for a beginner.

You will need:

*1 piece of red fabric cut 17 X 40 inches (you can adjust this measurement to fit the size of your table)
*1 piece of lace cut 17 X 40 inches (mine was an old lace tablecloth that I found at the thrift store)
*batting, a few inches larger on each side than your red fabric and lace - precision not required
*backing fabric, also a few inches larger on each side than your red fabric and lace

Layer your fabric and batting together - backing fabric first right side down, batting, red fabric on top right side up - just like you would if you were making a quilt

Now lay your lace piece on top of your red fabric. Pin it all in place (or baste if you prefer).

Quilt as desired - I quilted a 2 inch diagonal grid across mine. Bind as you would any other quilt. And it's ready to go on your table.

I added a little vase of hydrangeas (one of my favorite flowers) - all set for Valentine's Day


  1. This looks so cute and I like the idea of decorating your place according to each holiday or special day like Valentine.
    And the flowers look so great!

  2. You really do a great job with your tutorials! And what a lovely product. I have my sewing machine out and am thinking of some kind of table runner.

    Your daughter is adorable on her horse. Applause to her!!
    The movie I watched was SALT. I really liked it, but I'm a fan of Spy movies.

  3. This is so pretty! Thanks for linking it up!