Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wendi Reed Inspired Cardigan

Inspired by a cardigan from Wendi Reed. I love the combination of masculine and feminine fabrics.

I started with this $1 thrift store floral cardigan.

It required a little prep work before I could start adding the details. First, it was huge. So I took it in on the sides to make it fit me.

pinned and ready for a new seam

I also had to do this trick to keep the bottom hem from flipping up.

Then it was ready to add the embellishments. My mom had given me this skirt over Thanksgiving. It had been handed down a few times and she thought maybe I could do something with it. It was a wool blend so first I washed it in hot water to allow it to shrink up and hopefully to felt (this fabric did not have a high enough wool content to felt so my fabric does fray a bit).

I dismantled the skirt and cut 1 inch strips from the fabric.

I pinned the strips along the button placket and neckline. I opted to add pleats as well for a few reasons: a) I liked the look b) it made it easier to go along the curve of the neckline c)I didn't have to sew my strips all together - I just joined a new strip at a pleat and you can't tell it's not one long strip.

I sewed down my wool strips and then, out of a left-over strip, tied a bow and pinned in place.

I hand-tacked the bow in place and . . . Voila . . . new cardigan!


  1. I just love how creative you are! I stumbled across your blog while checking out the wardrobe refashion blog. I am amazed at how you reinvent things and make them new again. You have inspired me!

  2. Patti - thanks for your kind words - encourages me to keep posting my creations!

  3. I saw this post over on the Wardrobe Refashion blog and, when I saw the cardigan, I just KNEW it had to be you before I even clicked on the blog link! :) I sooo love your style! You've got mad skills woman! :)

  4. You see the extraordinary things in the ordinary! Such a wonderful gift you've been blessed with. Keep sharing! I love to see your creations!!

    Yes, the boots are from Last Chance... where else??

  5. I'm always so impressed with your refashions! Like GaMtnScrap said, when I saw the pic on WR, I was like "That's that woman who does the Anthro refashions, I bet!" Super pretty and super inspiring :D

  6. outstanding! Your mum did well to keep that skirt for you. Love the fabric. Another beautiful creation.