Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby Crafts

I just found out that I will be the proud aunt of a new niece this summer. We've known about the new addition for a few months but just found out that it is a girl. At least, we think it is a girl. After several conflicting ultra-sounds, they've finally settled on girl. And we've had 3 consecutive rounds of boy babies in this family so we're all pretty determined that this one will be a girl - because, you know, we can control things like that!

So I've been browsing around, looking at all of the baby crafts out there - and oh, the cuteness!! A few favorites:

love this photo idea

cute headband

free pattern from Heather Bailey

who doesn't love a little ruffle butt - tutorial here

but maybe in girl colors

dress made from vintage hankies - tutorial from Trey and Lucy

Sheesh - you'd think I was the one having this baby!!


  1. OMG - I LOVE all of this stuff - I am so lucky to have a crafty sister-in-law!!

  2. Talk about to many boys! The first picture with the hands is sooooo cute. I love them all especially the little butt ruffel and the cute little dress. I am sooo excited it is finally a girl. I am the only girl in the family but, not any more.

  3. I love the Bitty Booties. They are so darn cute and would be fun to make and decorate. I just need a grandbaby to create for.

    I love the hand photo... soooooo cool!!