Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jewelry From Sewing Supplies

I love jewelry! And here's why - because no matter how I'm feeling, no matter how my hair looks, or how I feel about my body or clothes, jewelry always looks good. A cute necklace or fun earrings just puts a smile on my face. And while I'm not lacking for jewelry, making something fun and new has a way of perking me up. So the other day when I was in a bit of a funk, I spent some quality time with my jewelry making supplies.

I had purchased a grab bag of sewing supplies at the thrift store so I dug this out to see what I could re-purpose. I found these floral embroidery patches:

I added a few jump rings to attach them together:

then used eye pins (these guys if you're not familiar, available at most craft stores) to add some beading and chain. Simple as that!

There were also bunches of buttons in my grab bag including these tiny delicate pink bows:

I put a couple of jump rings through the button shank and attached some chain like so:

I kind of like the delicate simplicity of this one - and if you've ever seen Jo-ann's button section, you know that the possibilities for this idea are pretty much endless.

And finally I had seen this fun little thimble necklace tutorial a while back and guess what was in my grab bag? Yes, a thimble! (Now I know I'm a sewer and I'm supposed to know what to do with a thimble but honestly, I have never used one and don't even really know what they're for) So my thimble, a few pins, and some green trim became this little flower pot necklace:


  1. Wow. I never thought of using buttons this way. I love the first necklace with the flowers. I've got to try this. Thanks

  2. Too cute! Ingenious and adorable.

  3. Love them all but I think the pin idea is great for sewers. Cherrie

  4. you are so talanted! You really inspire me. I dont know how to make jewelery but really want to learn! Do you have any suggestions on where / how to learn.

  5. wow, I wish I were clever and talented like you are. These are all great!

  6. You are amazing! I love these necklaces, I must try to make them!

  7. I love that little bow necklace!! Super adorable. Thanks for sharing! :)
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  8. Very creative use of buttons! Brilliant.

  9. wow that little thimble necklace is brilliant! x

  10. i love all of them,
    how did u attach the chain in the thimble?
    i find it extremely cute
    greetings from athens, greece

  11. i m sorry i made a mistake just saw above the link to the tutorial
    super super cute