Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Skirt to Top - The Spring Version

Really, probably wishful thinking on my part that I will be wearing this top anytime soon - as I woke up to snow yesterday morning! But I can't wait until I can wear it - flowy, airy, cool - perfect for warm spring days.

This refashion is just a take on the original skirt to top refashion that I did a while back. If you want to try this, read through this original post first for basic instructions.

For the spring version, I started with this thrifted floral print skirt - some sort of light-weight fabric with a lining:

This skirt was too long to just use as is, and the waist was too small to fit right at my hips, so it required a little tweaking. I cut the waist off right at the bottom of the zipper:

The lining then slipped right out - I won't be using it for this project. I double folded the cut end to make a casing and inserted elastic. This end is now the bottom of your top. Then just follow instructions for the original - sew your bottom seam (now your top) shut leaving an opening for your head and cut arm holes along the side.

since the fabric is so sheer I will be pairing this with a black tank underneath

Then I was browsing around Anthropologie the other day and found this top in their new spring stuff:

Anthropologie - $118

Very similar - and I didn't even do it on purpose this time - I had made my top before I even saw the Anthro one!!!


  1. This is so impressive - it turned out great! I love it.. can't wait to try this! Great idea!

  2. Wow, how cool to find out you re-purposed something and it turned out exactly like a $120 dollar shirt...

    Going to have to find something to try this on myself...

  3. Thank you so much for the idea!! I've seen strapless dresses made out of the long skirts. I LOVE your idea. I need some new shirts & have plenty of the long skirts I don't wear anymore that would be perfect!! AWESOME IDEA!! :-)

  4. Love your new shirt!!! I have my old jackpot skirt still in my dresser... I think it will turn out like this!!! Thanx for sharing.

  5. Gasp! I love this!! So smart!! I'm bookmarking this for later!

  6. great blog and great idea for a changes your old clothing :)

  7. I bought a skirt (with a lining) that didn't fit because I loved the material and have been looking for a way to make a top out of it. This is perfect! Thanks!