Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yo-Yo Tank

I saw something similar to this at Target the other day. To create my version, I pulled this plain-jane tank top out of my closet:

I actually had a little stash of vintage yo-yo's that I had found at a thrift store but you could just as easily make your own (see here for a good tutorial). Pin your yo-yo's in place:

and stitch down (by hand)


not yet warm enough in Colorado to wear by itself


  1. Love it - thank you for inspiring me!

  2. I have an old vest buried somewhere that id made entireley out of red, white and blue yo-yo's (yes made just for 4th of july one year). I think I need a new patriatic shirt this year.

  3. How cute! It looks great. I'd have to do a sweater too! Minnesota is still a bit chilly.

  4. Love this! Just launched a (quick) tank refashion party on my blog today! (Old Navy is having a tank top sale and that's my inspiration!) Would love you to link up!