Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beautiful Butterflies

No, not mine (so mom you can quit freaking out), and I'm not getting another one - but this is really beautiful

over the top butterfly bib necklace - via etsy

butterfly globe via Apartment Therapy - I think I could make this

Barnum & Bailey Ringling Brothers Circus Parade. Chicago, 1947.Photo by Charles Cushman via flickr

you can buy this amazing wedding cake topper here

I LOVE this painting from Nicoletta Ceccoli - see more here


  1. I love that butterfly globe!

  2. Thanks for posting these. I think my girls need that globe for their bedroom!! Adding old globe to my "thrift store/flea market" list. Thank you.

  3. Oh my goodness those tattoos are amazing. Really beautiful!

  4. Are those tattoos real? They look incredible - so vibrant!
    And I love, love, love the cake! Looks like a wedding cake, but you could really have a butterfly theme for any occasion.