Friday, April 8, 2011

Coffee Table Trays

Our family room coffee table is a big cluttery mess 99% of the time - covered in remote controls, books, magazines, kids toys, my sewing/crochet projects, etc. It drives me crazy!! (Even though I am guilty of contributing to the mess). So I wanted some trays or bins to try to corral some of the junk. Here was my inspiration . . .

. . . more for the colors than the actual trays. I wanted my trays to be a bit deeper. Plus these trays were $39 each and they were sold out of most of the colors. I hit up Joann's and found 2 nice deep trays (the white ones) and they were 50% off, but they only had 2 and I really wanted 3. So a little run to Hobby Lobby yielded one that kind of coordinated (the oval one), also 50% off. So for around $40 I had all 3 of my trays. They looked like this:

Not exactly the color scheme I was going for. But I knew a few coats of spray paint would remedy that. Spray paint really is a miracle worker. It can transform almost anything and it dries fast so you get immediate gratification! After:

Now here's what I can't decided - after putting all 3 (that I had to have) on the coffee table I thought maybe 3 was too much. So I took one off:

I don't know - what do you think? 2 or all 3?


  1. I like the 3 as it balances the table. It also give extra room for other little peices. lol. xx

  2. I like the three, the color and the balance looks great!

  3. use all three, they look amazing!