Monday, April 11, 2011

Making Me Happy Monday

Sweet Tart Jellybeans - only available around Easter and they are one of my favorite candies! (regular jellybeans = gross, Sweet Tart Jellybeans = so, so good)

And on a healthier note, the weather is getting warm enough for me to whip up some smoothies!! This one was made from strawberries, bananas, ice, and a little milk. I love my smoothie maker!

Finally, HURRAY for garage sale season!! Check out my new (to me) $1 purse - I've been wanting one with a cross-body strap like this.


  1. i freeze my older bananas and strawberries just for that reason and i dont have to use ice. it works great and doesnt water down the drink or leave you with ice chunks.

  2. I had to laugh, I saw the pictures and before I read what you wrote it looked like you were trying to show the awesome Sweet Tart Jellybean smoothie you made :)

    I also love smoothies, I freeze yogurt in an ice cube tray to add to mine.

  3. Jennifer -that's funny!! Love the yogurt idea!