Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Spring Fever

Well, my Spring Fever has yet to subside - still re-doing and refreshing around the house. So our bed got a little make-over. It's amazing what a difference just changing out bed linens can make. Our bed had this dark brown comforter on it with dark throw pillows - a little too heavy for Spring:

And now, lighter and brighter:

I replaced the brown comforter with a cream colored one - and check out those ruffles! Kind of Anthro-ish without the Anthro price tag (I found it at Marshalls). The set came with 3 ruffled throw pillows, I kept the green one from before, and added the vintage embroidered one for a little color. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with throw pillows on beds - love how they make the bed look cozy and inviting, hate taking them off each night and then putting them back on every morning!

(And btw, that beautiful log bed was handmade for us by my husband's best friend!)

Now my next project needs to be to make some of these gorgeous pillowcases . . .

via You Go Girl!


  1. Love these pillows Jenn. Can't wait to see the final product. x LW

  2. What a great comforter!!!


  3. Looks very bright and airy - perfect for Spring days!!

  4. LOVE the new look. I've been thinking about switching to a white comforter, because you can add any color or print accessory you want & switch them around all the time & anything goes with it! I also like how white brightens up the room.

  5. how am i the first follower? your blog is darling!
    cute blog! fellow refashionista here- trying to connect with my peeps ;)

  6. That bed is AWESOME!
    And I love the honeybee cushion too, very cute!