Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Linen Closet Organization

I have to say, I think my linen closet is a thing of beauty. Honestly, I keep opening the door to look in and see how clean and organized it is! But, this wasn't always the case - prior to last weekend, it was a huge disorganized mess! It had gotten so bad that I literally had to lean on the door to get it to close.

But check it out now:

Unfortunately I don't have a before picture because I simply forgot to take one - but I promise you it was awful. Even I was slightly amazed at what I pulled out of there. Why did we have so many towels (most old, worn, raggedy and unused anyway)? Why was I saving a baby changing pad? A mattress pad that doesn't fit any of our beds? Ugh!!


  1. That reminds me.. I need to re-organize my pantry.. oh the agony!
    But I love your idea to use letter trays! Very clever :) I might try that in my pantry...

  2. Wow! That is inspiringly tidy!

  3. woww is so clever!!!!I don't know how it was first but now I like it so much:-)