Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Men's Tie Refashion Round-up

After making my silk tie dyed Easter eggs, I got to thinking about other ways to re-use/refashion men's ties - they're cheap and easy to find at thrift stores and actually come in some pretty cool, funky patterns. Here are a few ideas (most with tutorials):

a handy little wristlet

a collar/necklace

I love these necklaces - tutorial from Artstar by Aletha

a colorful little wreath via Good Housekeeping

necktie daisies

men's tie to little boy's tie - my son would never go for this but it's a cute idea

stuffed snakes via etsy - cute!! - I don't like the real ones but I can handle these

and finally, not for the faint of heart - a dress made entirely of men's ties - I don't think I'll probably be making this


  1. What great timing! So my hubs wears a tie every single day for work, so for Father's Day this year, I am making my girls sundresses from his button down shirts, and I think the necktie-daisies you shared will be the perfect hair accessory! :) Thanks for sharing! Michelle

  2. I love the wreath. Very cool.

  3. Oohh love the dress made of ties! I definitely want to try to do it someday :D The collar/necklace looks awesome too! x

  4. Hi,

    Love the tie wreath and all the ideas. Please can I e mail me seperately as would like to ask you something about this... ta!