Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Way to Use Elastic Thread . . .

. . . it's a great way to add an elastic waist to clothing (without having to make a casing and thread elastic through). This summer skirt started out as this dress:

The bodice didn't fit well or look good on me - so I chopped it off, added several rows of elastic thread and now I have a new cute skirt for summer.

Note: This dress had a lining so when I chopped it, I made sure to keep the lining and skirt lined up, then I simply sewed through both layers with my elastic thread.

close-up of my shirring


  1. Very nice! A great idea.. I love your shirts too!

  2. Okay, you made me want elastic thread after the last post, and now I REALLY want some! But, where do you get it? I looked at Walmart and Hobby Lobby today and they don't have it. Is there any brick-and-mortar stores that carry it? I found it on, but I don't have a physical store near me to check. I don't like ordering online, if I can help it. This may have to wait for a couple of weeks, I will be near a Joann's then and can drop by to see if I can find some!

  3. I'm surprised you didn't find it at Walmart or Hobby Lobby - I think I've found it at both of those places around here. It's not usually located with the regular thread - it's in the sewing notions section. At both my Hobby Lobby and Walmart it hangs on the wall - with like the pins, needles, and other sewing supplies. If you can't find it at either one of those, I'm 99% sure Joann's carries it in-store. (I've also frequently found it at thrift stores but that's pretty hit or miss). If you find it, I'd also recommend getting more than 1 spool as you'll go through it pretty quickly since it's a thicker thread.

  4. Ahhh....that may be where I'm going wrong, I've been looking in the threads! You know, since it's called thread and all, ha ha! But, I'll look again in the notions section and if I still can't find it, I'll make a stop by Joann's when I'm in that area in a couple of weeks.

    Thanks for the info!

    P.S. It also doesn't help that my local Walmart is in the middle of a remodel so everything's a mess in there! :(

  5. This looks sooooooooo much nicer as a skirt than a dress, great work!