Thursday, June 2, 2011

Elastic Thread

There are 2 things that I believe can fix most anything - the first is spray paint, and the second is elastic thread. We're going to focus on #2 today. I love elastic thread!! It can fix so many different problems and if you like to refashion, it's definitely a tool you should have in your toolbox.

I picked up a couple of summer shirts the other day at the thrift store ($1 a piece) - I liked the fabric patterns but the general silhouette wasn't good on me - tent-like shirts don't tend to do much for me (I'm not really sure who they do work well for). But a few rows of stitching with elastic thread and they're transformed:

Shirt #1 - Before:

not bad from the front . . . but from the side . . . not good

And after:

Align LeftAhh, I do have a waist!
I sewed 2 rows of stitching with elastic thread along the natural waistline

Shirt #2 - Before:

really baggy - looks a lot like I'm 6 months pregnant

And after:

For this shirt, I sewed several rows of elastic thread along the bottom - much less tent-like now!

If you would like to try sewing with elastic thread, here are a few good tutorials to get you started:

from Heather Ross
from craftstylish - good pictures with this one
from Ruffles and Stuff - also good pictures
from Grosgrain - how to tighten your bobbin for better shirring


  1. Thank you! The first time I used elastic thread was after seeing your grandpa cardigan and I love it! Now I have more clothing to fix and so many possibilities - LOVE!

  2. love it but don't forget vice grips and duck tape they help make up the four things that actually hold the world together

  3. Awesome. This makes me want to go search my closet for all my unflattering clothes. There's still hope for them!

  4. Great ideas! I have a few tops that need altering like yours. Thanks for the post.

  5. Looks like something I need to learn how to use! I love the idea of the elastic thread at the waist. I have a problem with shirts being too big and looking somewhat like maternity shirts, too. I have "big girls" so to get shirts to fit there, they end up too blousy and tent-like through the torso and around the waist. So, yeah, elastic thread may be just the ticket! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Wow! What a difference. I have some elastic thread but haven't tried using it yet. I have a shirt I never wear that I think needs an elastic band at the bottom...thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Great idea! I just used elastic thread for the first time recently and was very happy with the results. And now I have another excuse to use it!