Monday, June 13, 2011

Inside-the-Door Corkboard Organizer

My kids seem to have a lot of charts this summer - they've joined multiple reading programs for the summer in addition to their regular allowance charts and our own family reading incentives. So, rather than have 3,000 pieces of paper covering my fridge (which was what I was doing), I decided to hide it all away on the inside of our pantry doors.

I used 1 door for each child. I purchased adhesive cork squares at Joann's and 3 fit perfectly on each door. Now everything's nicely tucked away and out of sight.
**Note: Traditional corkboard pushpins were too long to use with these cork squares but thumb tacks work nicely**


  1. I've always wondered that about those cork squares. They definitely *seemed* too thin for push pins. Lovely! I also love your bead storage container (found via Flickr Pretty Organized)

  2. Love this idea! Much better than having all those schedules cluttering up the fridge. I did a similar thing with packing materials from my latest online purchase, but I used it for an earring storage board. I have some leftovers, I think I'll use them to make a stow-away bulletin board.