Friday, September 16, 2011

The Scrunchie Wreath for Fall

I took a break from my massive painting project the other day to create this little fall wreath for my front door. All of my supplies came from the thrift store (other than the crocheted flowers which I made from supplies I had on hand) and cost less than $5 to make. And it's fast! Love those cheap and quick projects. Here's how to do it:

I picked up some navy blue fabric ($3) and an large embroidery hoop ($2) at the thrift store. You will only be using one ring of the embroidery hoop - you can save the other for another wreath. A word about your fabric choice - you want it to be fairly lightweight or the weight of the fabric will weigh down the hoop too much and you'll end up with an oval shaped wreath - shear-ish fabrics would work well. Also you will need more fabric than you would think - probably at least several yards although this will vary on the size of your embroidery hoop.

You will need some sort of tool to cut through your embroidery hoop. I found this little mini saw in my husband's tools (really I don't know why I still call them "my husband's tools" because I'm pretty sure I use them more often than he does). Embroidery hoops are made out of pretty flimsy wood so this isn't too hard - no heavy duty sawing needed.

Now cut your fabric into 12 inch strips - cutting as long of strips as possible. I was able to cut fairly long strips so I ended up cutting 4 of these - this number will vary depending on how long you're able to cut your strips and how big your embroidery hoop is.

Fold your fabric in half length-wise, right sides together and sew a seam. Basically you're sewing a long tube. Do this with all of your strips. Turn tubes right side out.

Using the opening that you cut in your embroidery hoop, you can now slip your tubes onto your hoop. After you have them all on, use duct tape to put your hoop back together. I wanted my wreath a little smaller than my original embroidery hoop so I overlapped the pieces a bit. This gives it a little extra strength when hanging to avoid the oval-shaped wreath problem as well.
Adjust your fabric tubes where you want them and use a little hot glue applied to the embroidery hoop to hold your ruffles (or scrunchie bits) in place.

Attach your embellishments using hot glue - I added some crochet flowers but you could use fabric flowers, artificial flowers, or pretty much anything.

Now hang your wreath and enjoy!

***And finished kitchen cabinet photos coming next week. I put the finishing touches on yesterday and just have to tidy up to shoot some pics!***


  1. What a great idea!!! Love the bright crocheted flowers against the darker fabric and that it's not "typical" fall colours!

  2. I love your wreath, you made a great color choice

  3. I
    ll make this or these for Xmas and add bells, and other ornaments for decorations and this will be a new present for my family. THANK YOU>

  4. OH MY GOSH! I LOVE IT! That's such a great idea!!

    Stephanie @

  5. Looks wonderful! I think this is the perfect idea for one for our font door. I ink I will use sheer organza and some flt. Thank u for sharing

  6. This is a perfect reminder of all the scrunchies I made in jr high! Love it.

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  7. So cool! Would LOVE it if you would link this project up at my turquoise lovin' party going on right now!!

  8. What a good idea and well done. Love the way this came out! Thanks for including the instructions!

  9. Oh my gosh, I am dying over this wreath!!! I have been looking for some ideas and this is my favorite!