Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 Days For 30 Dollars - Day 20 - Dress to Apron

Wondering what 30 Days for 30 Dollars is?? Read all about it here.

From thrift store dress ($1) to a new apron.

Here's how:

Cut the top part of the dress off just under the arm pits.

Cut up the back of the dress. If there is a seam cut it out. Depending on the size of the original dress, you may want to cut out a few extra inches. You should then have a big square-ish piece of fabric.

Figure out how wide you want the top of your apron to be (mine was approx. 10 inches) and where you want the waist to fall (mine was approx. 11 inches from the top). Fold the piece of fabric in half lengthwise and place a pin at these points (1/2 the distance over at the top because the fabric is folded in half)
Cut a straight line between these two points.
Hem all of the raw edges.

You should now have an apron shaped piece of fabric.

To make waist ties:
Cut 2 strips of fabric 40 inches by 4 inches (you may have to sew 2 pieces together to get enough length)
1. Iron in half lengthwise
2. Open up and iron each side in to the center point, lengthwise
3. Iron in half lengthwise (your raw edges are now enclosed and you have a 1 inch strip)
4. Stitch lengthwise down each side
Sew to waist of apron.

To make the neck strap:
Cut a strip of fabric 24 inches by 5 inches
1. Iron in half lengthwise
2. Cut a rounded edge on one end
3. Stitch lengthwise, leaving the flat end open for turning
4. Turn right side out.
5. Iron and top stitch around.
6. Stitch the flat end to one top side (on the inside) of apron.

Stitch a button to the front of strap and a hidden hook closure.

Optional: Embellish as desired. I opted to write a quote from Julia Child on the front of mine using a Sharpie pen (then heat set with my iron).

Total cost - $1

Total spent:
Day 1: $1.00 Recipe Card Box
Day 2: Free Recipe Card Holder
Day 3: $2.00 Hot Pads
Day 4: $1.00 An Artsy Bangle
Day 5: $1.00 Embellished Pillowcases
Day 6: $.50 Earrings
Day 7: $.75 Button Necklace
Day 8: $.40 Lace Coasters
Day 9: $2.00 Faux Depression Glass Fruit Bowl
Day 10: $1.00 Anthropologie Inspired Cardigan
Day 11: Free Lace Earrings
Day 12: $1.25 Puzzle Piece Pendants
Day 13: $1.00 Linen Napkins
Day 14: $2.00 Anthropologie Inspired Cardigan
Da:y 15: $.50 Scrabble Tile Ornaments
Day 16: Free Scribble Stitch Gift Tags
Day 17: $.50 Inexpensive Artwork
Day 18: $1.00 Giant Snowflakes
Day 19: $2.00 Vintage Tool Tray Centerpiece
Day 20: $1.00 Dress to Apron

Total: $18.90


  1. That's awesome. I love the idea of writing a quote on the bottom

  2. ahhhh-mazing! you make it seem like even I can make it.. haha! thanks for another great idea :)

  3. you are talented- thank you for posting- this apron is lovely

  4. you are talented- thank you for posting- this apron is lovely