Thursday, December 1, 2011

30 Days For 30 Dollars - Day 21 - Tonal Chain Earrings

Wondering what 30 Days for 30 Dollars is?? Read all about it here.

I had all of the supplies on hand for today's project so my cost was zero dollars. But even if you don't, this project would be very inexpensive to make.

Tonal Chain Earrings

This project started out with an old broken chain necklace.

With a pair of wire cutters, cut 5 lengths of chain for each earring (10 total). You can make your chains longer or shorter depending on your preference.

Attach chains to jump rings (5 chains per earring), then to earring hooks.

Lay out your earrings and apply masking tape to the top half or 2/3 of the earring, depending on how much color you want to add.
Now spray paint the exposed chain.
Here's what I learned from this process - you need to spray very lightly. Otherwise the chain will get all goopy and stiff.
Once paint is dry, remove masking tape and your earrings are ready to wear.

Total spent:
Day 1: $1.00 Recipe Card Box
Day 2: Free Recipe Card Holder
Day 3: $2.00 Hot Pads
Day 4: $1.00 An Artsy Bangle
Day 5: $1.00 Embellished Pillowcases
Day 6: $.50 Earrings
Day 7: $.75 Button Necklace
Day 8: $.40 Lace Coasters
Day 9: $2.00 Faux Depression Glass Fruit Bowl
Day 10: $1.00 Anthropologie Inspired Cardigan
Day 11: Free Lace Earrings
Day 12: $1.25 Puzzle Piece Pendants
Day 13: $1.00 Linen Napkins
Day 14: $2.00 Anthropologie Inspired Cardigan
Da:y 15: $.50 Scrabble Tile Ornaments
Day 16: Free Scribble Stitch Gift Tags
Day 17: $.50 Inexpensive Artwork
Day 18: $1.00 Giant Snowflakes
Day 19: $2.00 Vintage Tool Tray Centerpiece
Day 20: $1.00 Dress to Apron
Day 21: Free Tonal Chain Earrings

Total: $18.90


  1. These are gorgeous! My first time visiting, must go check out your other blog!

  2. They look absolutely stunning!Well done.

  3. Oh I love it!
    I'd love for you to link up to my Fresh Friday Link Party!

  4. This is great, and love the idea of 30 Days for 30 Dollars especially in the current economic climate we're having now.

  5. These are really cute Jennifer! I love how quick and fun they are. I featured these on FB & Twitter tonight!

  6. This is an awesome idea. Have you been able to wear them and see if any spray paint stains?

    Angie @ Desperate Houselife

    1. I've actually worn these a lot and haven't had any trouble with the spray paint staining or chipping off. I really think the key is to spray them lightly and not over-do it.

    2. Awesome! Thanks for the tip. I got some purple pastel spray paint I'm gonna try out!! =D

  7. This is actually very smart! Simple and the final result looks great, thanks for the tutorial!
    Again, I linked it in a serie I'm writing for my blog (, hope you don't mind :)