Friday, December 9, 2011

30 Days For 30 Dollars - Day 26 - A Christmas Wreath

Wondering what 30 Days for 30 Dollars is?? Read all about it here.

A Christmas Wreath

This project started with this grapevine wreath form from the thrift store ($1) -

Then I dug through my craft room to see what I could use to embellish it. Here's what I found:
*a scrap of felted white wool (you could also use standard crafting felt)
*some red berry floral picks
*red fabric

To make the big white flower:

Cut a strip of felt approx. 4 inches wide - I didn't measure, it doesn't have to be exact.

Fold in half length-wise, then cut notches along the folded side, but don't cut all of the way through.

Once all of your notches are cut, roll fabric up, using a little hot glue here and there to help hold it together as you roll.
If 1 strip doesn't make a big enough flower, prepare another strip, attach with hot glue, and continue rolling. I used 2 strips for my flower.

finished flower

Attach the flower to the wreath form with hot glue.
Stick floral picks into the wreath form
For the bow and hanging loop, I cut strips from the red fabric and attached them with hot glue.

Total cost: $1

Total spent:
Day 1: $1.00 Recipe Card Box
Day 2: Free Recipe Card Holder
Day 3: $2.00 Hot Pads
Day 4: $1.00 An Artsy Bangle
Day 5: $1.00 Embellished Pillowcases
Day 6: $.50 Earrings
Day 7: $.75 Button Necklace
Day 8: $.40 Lace Coasters
Day 9: $2.00 Faux Depression Glass Fruit Bowl
Day 10: $1.00 Anthropologie Inspired Cardigan
Day 11: Free Lace Earrings
Day 12: $1.25 Puzzle Piece Pendants
Day 13: $1.00 Linen Napkins
Day 14: $2.00 Anthropologie Inspired Cardigan
Da:y 15: $.50 Scrabble Tile Ornaments
Day 16: Free Scribble Stitch Gift Tags
Day 17: $.50 Inexpensive Artwork
Day 18: $1.00 Giant Snowflakes
Day 19: $2.00 Vintage Tool Tray Centerpiece
Day 20: $1.00 Dress to Apron
Day 21: Free Tonal Chain Earrings
Day 22: $1.00 Modern Art Vase
Day 23: $.50 Doily Pocket Cardigan
Day 24: $1.30 Found Object Magnets
Day 25: $.50 Magnetic Memo Board
Day 26: $1.00 A Christmas Wreath

Total: $23.20


  1. Very pretty. I fancy using the flower on something similar. Thanks for sharing the how-to detail.

  2. It looks fab, I love the flower. x