Wednesday, December 14, 2011

30 Days For 30 Dollars - Day 28 - Embroidery Pendants

Wondering what 30 Days for 30 Dollars is?? Read all about it here.

Embroidery Pendants

I have 2 options of this project today. Option 1 cost $1 to make, option 2 cost me zero dollars because I had all of the supplies on hand. I've written up tutorials for both options.

Option 1:

You will need:
** a scrap of embroidery - you can either embroider one yourself or cut a piece off of an old embroidered pillowcase, napkin, etc. It doesn't have to be anything fancy - I just did a few french knots
**pendant bezel - Hobby Lobby 50% off sale = $1
**craft glue

1. Cut out the little template the comes with the bezel
2. Trim embroidery slightly larger than the template. Add a dab of glue and center it onto template.
3. Add glue to the back side of the template and wrap excess fabric around
4. Front side - you can tell my edges aren't perfect but it doesn't matter, you won't notice once it's in the bezel.

Pour craft glue into the bezel and add the prepared embroidery piece. Let dry, then add to a chain.

Option 2:

You will need:
** a scrap of embroidery
**a scrap of stiff canvas-type fabric (not shown)

Layer embroidery piece and canvas fabric together and trim to desired size and shape.
Add a dab of glue to hold together, then blanket stitch around.
Add a jump ring through one of the blanket stitches then string on a chain.
Optional: add charms or beads.

Total spent:
Day 1: $1.00 Recipe Card Box
Day 2: Free Recipe Card Holder
Day 3: $2.00 Hot Pads
Day 4: $1.00 An Artsy Bangle
Day 5: $1.00 Embellished Pillowcases
Day 6: $.50 Earrings
Day 7: $.75 Button Necklace
Day 8: $.40 Lace Coasters
Day 9: $2.00 Faux Depression Glass Fruit Bowl
Day 10: $1.00 Anthropologie Inspired Cardigan
Day 11: Free Lace Earrings
Day 12: $1.25 Puzzle Piece Pendants
Day 13: $1.00 Linen Napkins
Day 14: $2.00 Anthropologie Inspired Cardigan
Da:y 15: $.50 Scrabble Tile Ornaments
Day 16: Free Scribble Stitch Gift Tags
Day 17: $.50 Inexpensive Artwork
Day 18: $1.00 Giant Snowflakes
Day 19: $2.00 Vintage Tool Tray Centerpiece
Day 20: $1.00 Dress to Apron
Day 21: Free Tonal Chain Earrings
Day 22: $1.00 Modern Art Vase
Day 23: $.50 Doily Pocket Cardigan
Day 24: $1.30 Found Object Magnets
Day 25: $.50 Magnetic Memo Board
Day 26: $1.00 A Christmas Wreath
Day 27: $2.00 A Bracelet Tree
Day 28: $1.00 Embroidery Pendants

Total: $26.20


  1. I love the first options...its so beautiful

  2. Oh I like that first one....
    This 30 for 30 is actually a great idea if you are low on cash and need to give a lot of gifts for Christmas.

  3. Ho my gosh! I Just love them both! Please come and link up @ my Christmas Party. @
    Thanks Rose and Heather

  4. These are amazing! I cannot wait to try these out! Such an effective idea!