Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Free Printable 2012 Calendars

Hard to believe but yes, 2012 is upon us.
Still in need of a calendar? Check out these awesome free printables:

from CreativeMamma.com

I think this Owl Lovers calendar is my favorite - bunches of awesome images to choose from and customize your calendar. From My Owl Barn.

The Doodle 2012 Calendar from CreativeMamma.com

Kokeshi Doll mini calendar - again from CreativeMamma.com

herb calendar from a number of things

instructions and info for this one are not in English but you should still be able to figure out how to download it - see the link here

Edited to add this one:

from Skip to My Lou

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  1. Thank you! I was just looking for free calendar templates last night and didn't find anything as great as these. Every year we seem to end up with a freebie calendar from somewhere but this year nothing so I am going to print one off for free.