Monday, January 2, 2012

In Progress

a large afghan from this pattern - love this pattern but it does require lots of yarn (makes it a great stash buster) - hopefully to be finished soon

Also trying to rework this "Golden Girls" dress. I've already cut the entire over-layer off of the top portion. Now I need to raise the hemline but it's such lightweight fabric I'm not sure how to go about it. Anyone have any ideas??


  1. do you have a serger? a small rolled hem would be good for a thin fabric.

  2. How about raising the hem by slicing and dicing the waistline? if it's a straight up and down dress you'll need to do something to the waist anyway, elastic etc.

    Just a thought, love the gorgeous colour, this would have been a Blanche number for realz!

  3. I agree with Ruby. Shorten it by working on the waist and leave the hem alone. You may need to take some seams in along the waist if there is any flair to the skirt. Make an inch or two inch waistband and put some of the wider elastic in it instead of just gathering it with small elastic.

  4. I love the afghan! Such bright and vibrant colors, makes me think of spring.

    I have no idea how to hem that thing, but the color is great!