Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ways to Re-Use Old Books

Ok, it actually makes me a little sad that these books aren't being read, but check out these great ways to reuse old books
(Warning: this list contains both practical and completely impractical diy ideas):

A book chair - not really sure how comfortable this would be (seen here)

book desks (seen here)

a Christmas tree (seen on Pinterest , &)

book lamp tutorial from HGTV

or as a floor lamp (here)

hollowed out to make a secret storage compartment (tutorial here)

as shelves (from Real Simple)

And finally, these paintings are simply amazing:

by Mike Stilkey


  1. Cool pics. As a librarian I'm always looking for ways to use old books. I know it feels wrong not having them on the shelves to be read but some books just get past it. At least this way they can still shine.

  2. cool ideas but i love them, what about if i want to re-read them, how can i get them if they were made of desk? hahaha but anyway i love the desk so m uch. creative!

  3. I love the books desks but my favorite was the book art!

  4. They are amazing ideas, and if they were all disposable books like last years yellow pages, then Yay! But I always worry about using old books for some use that destroys them. What if it's the last copy of that particular bit of wisdom, peek at a time lost, or really delicious romance. Kendal will not be getting every book ever printed. We could be throwing away our heritage.
    Something the think about.