Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Circular Knitting Needle Labels - DIY

Since I've been trying to improve my knitting skills, I picked up a stack of circular needles from the thrift store.

They're in great shape - except none of them had any sort of size markings on them. Are all circular needles like this? The previous owner had attached stickies to a couple of them marking the size but the rest were a mystery.

First I had to figure out what size the needles were. I did it by comparing them with my marked straight needles, although they do make a needle gauge for this. Then I wanted to mark them so I would easily know what size each needle was. Here's what I came up with:

Number beads, attached to a safety pin, then clipped to the circular part of the needle.

To Make:

Place the appropriate numbered bead onto the head pin, clip to size, loop, and attach to the circular opening at the bottom of the safety pin.
Here's a good picture tutorial on how to use a head pin.

That's really all there is to it. And now my needles are nice and labeled.


  1. Beside the needle size it would be handy to have the length of the circular needle too. I'm just getting into knitting and have found I needed a number of different lengths for different projects. And yes, I've had to dig through a tangle of circular needles to find the right length. Nice way to mark the size.

    1. Well you're further along in your knitting than I am - I hadn't even yet realized they came in different lengths!!

  2. That's a very clever idea!! I have lots of needles and I have no idea what size they are - this would be so helpful!

  3. Some of my wooden ones had the size printed on them, but it's worn off with use. Mostly, I use my needle gauge each time to check.

  4. Just wanted to say what a fab idea this is. Thank you xx

  5. please allow me to tell what happened to me ---- last time I bought safety pins in the dollar store they were not finished off with regular and smoothy borders (even the needle tips had a little "hook") ... my yarn "hang in" ...
    It happened also with pins from the dollar store :(
    anyway, I'd rather put the cute numbers on leftovers of yarn, thick cotton thread or small ribbons. in that way you'll not spoil the wires and your stitches will easily slip around.
    however it's you to you.

    BTW I've got some of my grandmother's circular needles and the plastic that the wires are made of, is so old that it cracks where it's attacked to the wire :(((
    take care

  6. Wonderful idea! I have no clue where I'd find the numbers here in South Africa!