Friday, February 24, 2012

I Learned a New Hair Trick

For those of you that know me, you're probably thinking you've stumbled upon the wrong blog. Hair? I am so not a hair girl. I am in complete awe of people who either have beautiful hair or can do amazing, pretty things with hair. I do not have good hair - it is thin, and fine, and really doesn't do much. Yet I have had very talented hair stylists who can get it to look good (only to fall apart later after I try to fix it myself). If I manage to blow dry my hair and not put it into some sort of clip, it's an ambitious day for me.

The other day I came upon The 1 Minute Messy Up-do from A Pair and A Spare.
It actually looked do-able.
Here's the result:

Kind of liking this - and it really doesn't take more than a minute, maybe 2.
(Btw, trying to take pictures of the back of your head when you're home by yourself is not an easy thing to do!)


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