Wednesday, June 13, 2012

And Into Italy

Italy is fast becoming one of my favorite places.  We were there almost 2 years ago, in Florence, Rome, and Tuscany.  This time around we got to spend some time in Milan and Lake Como, both amazing and beautiful.

Prada store window in Milan

Il Duomo, Milan

 Inside Il Duomo - this place was a little creepy (which I loved!)

Nuns outside Il Duomo, so cute!



vintage jewelry shop, unfortunately it was closed

Lake Como

 and my husband and I at Lake Como


  1. hope you liked Italy! :)
    I live in Torino(, which is in the north-west part of Italy..very suggestive!....maybe next time, right? :)
    kisses!! :)

  2. sorry, I wrote "hope you liked"....ahahah I seriously don't know why! I would originally say "Happy you liked" :) sorry for the mistake!

  3. All your pictures are so beautiful! I'm inspired to plan some Mediterranean trips now!