Monday, July 2, 2012

My Version of Anthropologie's Mirela Fringe Necklace

My version - made primarily from repurposed vintage bits and pieces.  The green center stone piece was originally an off-white/pearl clip-on earring - I removed the clip-on back, painted the "stone" green using fingernail polish and glued on the rhinestones around the edge.  I did purchase the hot pink rolled fabric beads for .99 cents at a local bead store and found the coral beads for approx. $3.00 at Jo-ann's. 

wearing it out to a lake party

And here's the original from Anthropologie:

$58.00 - and it doesn't get very good reviews.

And stay-tuned tomorrow for another Anthro-inspired project!


  1. What a great knockoff! I like your version better :)

  2. Oh yes, your version is much better. Saving some money there.

  3. Lovely! Your version is so much prettier :)

  4. You should have titled this post, "My WAY BETTER Version of Anthropologie's Mirela Fringe Necklace!" Great job :)

  5. I like your version better too! Great job.

  6. Hi,I LOVE your work, you are very talented. And I think you look like Katie Holmes!