Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pinterest Successes

As we all by now know, Pinterest is full of inspiring ideas, projects, tips, and tricks.  Some of which work out better than others.  
Here are a few of my recent pinterest-inspired successes:

1.  A Natural Fruit Fly Trap (made with items found in most homes)

We had a rapidly expanding horde of fruit flies living in the kitchen, most likely due to the large quantity of fresh fruits and vegetables we have sitting on the counters in the summer.  
I tried this trick and it worked like a charm!!  Absolutely no more fruit flies!

2.  Happy Hangers

This photo was actually from a post about photography tips and tricks (see full post here).
But I liked the bright, colorful hangers.

Thrift store wooden hangers + spray paint =

my happy hangers.

3.  Food
My largest pin board by far is my Food board.  And I really do make a lot of the stuff that I pin.  These were a few recipes I've tried out lately have turned out well:

Delicious!!  I've made this twice now.  The only modification I made was to make my own chocolate frosting rather than use the canned stuff.  Find the full recipe here.

Pizza Quesadillas - I "adultified" these for my husband and I by using some good salami, fresh mushrooms, and fresh basil.  The kids loved them with pepperoni.

An easy crock pot meal that turned out great.  Recipe

And finally, a less than success.  This looks and sounds so good in theory:

I'm not willing to call this a complete failure because it wasn't unedible.  The problem was that the raspberry jam just kind of melted and turned the bread into a soggy mess.  But in the recipe's defense, that may have been my fault - I substituted flat bread for the rye bread called for in the recipe which may have contributed to the problem.


  1. Oooo, I am also really enjoying Pinterest t the mo- especially since they've made a new app for the iPad!
    Love your links- am off to check out the fruit fly trap!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really have to do the colorful hangers. I have a small collection of old wood hangers already.

  3. I think I want colourful hangers in my wardrobe!!! :) And that Boston cream poke cake looks delightful!