Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tom Binns Inspired Colorful Cameos

Tom Binns necklace

While these pieces are very beautiful, they just don't fit into my budget.  
So I created my own  - - - >

This is so easy to do.  All you need is a cameo, some nail polish, and a chain or bead necklace.

This was one of mine before painting.
Paint the cameo with nailpolish colors of your choice.  I used a toothpick to help get the nailpolish in the little nooks and crannies.
Attach to a chain or beads and your necklace is ready to go!


  1. You are AMAZING!!! So talented and creative. I love your necklaces. Do you know where to get cameos for cheap? I want to do this.

    1. I've gotten quite a few from junk jewelry lots on e-bay. Also at thrift stores.

  2. So pretty! I've never heard of Tom Binns, but I love this.

  3. This is so funny, I've had that bottom necklace on my Pinterest for a few weeks now but I had no idea where the image was from, or how much it cost. I was planning to go to a craft store on the way home tonight to buy some paints to do a cameo necklace I have, maybe I should check what colours of nail polish I have before I go spending any money on paint - thanks for the tip! I love the colour combinations you've chosen!

  4. Never heard of Tom Binns! His necklaces are nice, but I would rather stab my foot with a pitchfork than pay those kind of prices for re-vamped jewelry when I can do it myself.

    (Now I finally see why people are painting over their vintage rhinestone jewelry!!!) I was wondering why people were doing this?! *lol*

    I really like the ones you made, they are pretty.
    I have a couple pendants I can paint over and re-vamp. =D Maybe I can try it this weekend.

  5. anyone know how to copycat Kelli Ripa's cameo necklace?