Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Little Needlepoint Pillow

I like to have a project to work on in the evenings while my husband and I relax and catch up on our favorite shows (Game of Thrones being the latest).  It has to be something I can work on while vegging on the couch; something that doesn't require too much thought.  This was my latest - trying my hand at a little needlepoint.

I started with a scrap piece of fabric which I drew my grid on using a ruler and a pencil.
Then I used a satin stitch and needlepoint yarn to fill in the design.
This is great for beginners (like me).

When your design is finished, complete like any other pillow.

joining the menagerie on the couch


  1. That's gorgeous! I love all the colours you've chosen and also like the idea of something I could do when watching TV. Using the sewing machine is such a solitary activity, and also can be quite anti-social in a small flat where it can drown out the TV!

  2. The pillow is absolutely gorgeous, I love how bight and cheery it is.

  3. thanks for sharing..