Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Easy Cabochon Earrings


floral cabochons - I painted mine with nail polish

earring bases, small metal tags


1.)  Glue cabs to earring bases using E6000.  Glue small metal tags to lower side of cabs.
2.)  Use headpins and eyepins to attach beads to bases.


  1. You guys out there are performing a great job.
    Harrell Andrea

  2. I am amazed to see that pair, this is looking very cute. You have done it very creatively :)

  3. Whew, glad to see I'm not the only one that uses nail polish for craft paint. The cashier thought I was odd when she asked if the 10 colour nail polish set was a gift and I said no I was making jewelry. It just works so well and dries so quickly with lots of colour choices, hard to resist.

  4. what is a cabachons...earrings very pretty...where do i find it

  5. You can find a great variety of Cabochons on ebay.com. I get them from China mostly, unless I'm in a hurry then I will buy them from Michaels' craft store or a usa seller on ebay.