Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pajama Bottoms To Floral Skirt

I spotted this picture on Pinterest a bit ago (sorry I don't know the original source) and thought, now how have I lived my whole life without a flowy, floral print maxi-skirt?  I just don't know.
So I hit the thrift stores looking for a soft floral print.
I found . . . 

 . . . pajama bottoms!

And the pajama skirt was born  - 


To begin you will need a pair of pajama bottoms, several sizes too big.  A drawstring waist is easiest but elastic will work as well (you'll just have to take some of the elastic in at the end to make the waist fit)

Open up the inner leg seam, either by unpicking it or carefully cutting next to the seam line.

Turn pants inside out and open up sideways, so the side seams run down the middle now.

Line up the opened seams and draw a line from the waist down to the bottom of the leg, as straight as you can, or angling out towards the leg a bit if you can.
Pin and sew along this line.

A serger would be nice for this because my fabric was a bit "frayish".  I don't have one.  So I ran a straight stitch along my drawn line and then zig-zag stitched to the outside of it to help alleviate some fraying.  
Trim excess fabric.

Looking a bit like a skirt now.
Only problem, I couldn't walk in it because the bottom was too narrow.
So you need to add a side slit.
I followed this tutorial.

Once your side slit is done, your skirt is ready to wear.

and a very poor quality photo of me wearing it.


  1. GENIUS idea!
    Love the pattern and colours.
    Well done, you!
    Have a great week and enjoy wearing that fab skirt.

  2. Great idea, it's worked out really nicely.

  3. Perfect! Especially for those of us who could live in pajamas! I have a small addiction to pj's...New to your blog! Angie