Thursday, October 4, 2012

Did You Know That You Can Freeze Avocados?

Well until recently, I did not.  I can't remember where I first read of this idea, but I did have my doubts about whether it would work or not.  It  kind of seemed like some of those Pinterest ideas that are just too good to be true.  I was pretty sure they would thaw out and be either watery or brown.
But when avocados were on sale recently 3 for a dollar, I decided it was a good time to give it a try.
And you know what?  They came out of the freezer in pretty much the same condition that they went in.  Not brown.  And not watery.

My avocados, before going into the freezer.  
Important note:  You want to do this with ripe avocados.

And out of the freezer.  This was after being in the freezer for approximately a month. 

made into "fresh" guacamole

I love this trick!  Now I can stock up on avocados when they're on sale and have them all winter!

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  1. Whoo Hoo for this news! And I wish we could get them for your price--I thought I got bargain at $.88 each--I am going back for more now! Thanks so much.