Thursday, October 25, 2012

Give Me Wings

I don't typically make my kids' Halloween costumes.  Call me lazy, but I don't like putting that much time and energy into something that they only wear for one day.  But this year my son really wanted to be an owl.  And after seeing this photo:

and this photo:

I decided it was do-able.  And it really wasn't too hard. There are some basic instructions and photos on the second link, just adjust the measurements for the size/age of child/person wearing the costume.


  1. I love those wings! Could you say a little more about how you made them? What kind of fabric and are the feathers a single layer or did you sew along all those scallops and turn them? I predict bird wings in the dress up box I;m making for my grandchildren.

    1. The fabric is all cotton/cotton blends, like quilting fabrics, all stuff I already had on hand.I sewed a base for each wing by cutting out the wing shapes, sewing right sides together, leaving an opening, and then turning right side out. The scallops were cut from strips of the same type of fabric then sewed on to the wing base in rows, starting with the bottom row, then layering on top. The edges of the scallops are all raw - I didn't finish them at all. The wings are then connected by sewing bias tape along the top edge. See the second link that I posted (the child "bird") for more info - she has some photos of the process that she used.