Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Headbands Galore

Now that my hair is short I don't have a lot of options for mixing it up a little.  (It's so fine I can't even get a clip to stay in!)
So since headbands are my only real option, I set about making myself some.

I started with two different types of headbands, purchased at Hobby Lobby:

Style #1:

Probably the easiest method. 

The little knobs pop off the end of the headband, kind of like earring backs, then you can string beads on, and replace the end.  I used gold beads from an old cheap necklace. 

Style #2:

attach a vintage brooch

Break the pin back off of the brooch, file down rough edges if needed.  **Be sure your brooch is relatively flat and not too heavy**  Sandwich headband between the brooch and a small piece of felt, adhering with E6000.

The hardest part is holding it all in place while the glue dries.  I had to get creative.

Style #3:

Wire Wrapped

use wire and wrap beads onto headband

or hold a piece of chain (my chain was an old necklace again) and a piece of wire together and wrap around headband, using the wire to help secure the chain in place

Easy and inexpensive!


  1. Now that is cute!!! You really wear that short "do" well!

  2. Great ideas! They do look nice on you. This is something I can easily do so thank you for the inspiration.

  3. I love your headbands!! Especially the golden leaves...
    Well done! :)

  4. I do love these headbands!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  5. They really are lovely. Now to see if my granddaughter still wears headbands!