Monday, December 10, 2012

30 Days For 30 Dollars: Day 11

Day 11:  Christmas Ornaments

These would make a quick inexpensive gift for friends, neighbors, teachers, or coaches.

Supplies Needed:

glass Christmas ornaments (thrifted $1), scrap fabric, decoupage medium, craft varnish (optional)

Total Spent:  $1.00

Day 1:  Pretty Hair Ties 1.00
Day 2:  Pin Cushion 1.00
Day 3:  Cowl 1.50
Day 4:  Apron 1.00
Day 5:  Baby Hat .75
Day 6:  Wine Charms 1.00
Day 7:  Pot Holders 0.00
Day 8:  Easy Tote  1.00
Day 9:  Lunch Sack 2.00
Day 10:  Peter Pan Collar Necklace 0.00
Day 11:  Patchwork Ornaments 1.00


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  2. I have a bag of fabric and ribbon scraps so this will be a perfect way to use them! Thanks for the idea and the link.

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